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Burning Man 2016

Da Vinci’s Workshop


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche


Welcome to the Burning Man 2016 gallery, my fourth burn since 2007. I’m writing this just before I head back out to the playa in a couple of days for the 2017 event. Its been a sleepless few nights getting this gallery together, but it feels great to get it to fruition – it only took me a year to get it out.


I love to shoot (on cameras). I love to meet and photograph my interactions with the hundreds of individuals I meet on the playa each year.  I get to feel their joy, fear, insecurities, share a story, a smile, a hug and to feel their response from them being ‘seen’. The same goes when I post galleries or do public slideshow talks of Burning Man, I’m overwhelmed at the positive response of people and I’m happy that it inspires others to journey to the event to keep a positive feedback loop going.


Like all returning burners, every time I go to the event, I sink deeper and deeper into the act & art of service. I’ve found through repeated burns, we find and carve a personal groove that fits with us there.  We can choose amplify an inner music from that groove (like a needle on a record) onto the playa in any imaginative way possible. Our purpose: to enhance the lives, bring joy and comfort to the people around us for the sake of giving – where there is no hidden agenda from us wanting something from another. The positive feedback loop is the joy we get when we see joy (or tears) on the faces of others who are receiving what ever it is another has to offer. This offering of service for the greater good is a behavioral pattern that is part of our intrinsic DNA that we can often forget. This is mirrored back to us in a big way on the playa. The groove carved inside us at Burning Man stays within us that we take back to the default world. It reminds us: keep our playing our music, no matter how much external noise (especially these days) there is drowning us out.


This 2016 gallery is dedicated to the elders and mentors of Burning Man who were there to set up its foundations in the past and the ones keeping it going in the present. You know who you are. You are needed and are seen. Thank you for forming its foundation and having the wisdom and guidance to keep the ethos going for the new people coming in.


The best way to experience this gallery, is to pour yourself a coffee / tea / wine, get on device that is larger than a smart phone, turn on some of your favorite music, go slow and enjoy the slideshow. If you like it, please share, leave a comment and follow me on Instagram.


~Jonathan Clark a.k.a. Shutterpants









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































First and foremost, a big thank you to all the people I met whom we shared a special moment together and to allow me to capture your world for a spilt micro second. You are part of a greater story that I am visually scribing to remind people many years from now of how life is today. History is a great teacher.  To all the artists on the playa: Art cars, sculptors, performance artists – thank you! If you or your art is in this gallery, feel free to leave a note in the comments directing viewers to your art or who you are. Researching and captioning every photo is a little too time consuming for me right now.


To all the members Camp Psychic Taxi (Eulogy & 7.15 in 2017), thank you for allowing me into your community – Most days I’m gone from sunrise to sunset and it’s so nice to return to a hot meal waiting.  Jack Allen & Tres Jiménez Fontaine, words cannot express at the way you have nurtured and grown our small community – thank you. Cheers Liz Jackson for being such great fun to share the drive journey and playa with. Thank you Peter Robertson sharing your wisdom for being a great sidekick for 2016 – we all need a good playa buddy to share experiences with. It was eye opening for me to see so many young people gravitate to you to ask for you elder wisdom.  Thanks Andrew Johnstone allowing me to get inside your world at the man base – I always look forward to sharing our show & tell presentation we do for our friends after the event.


This year our Camp Psychic taxi is evolving in a big way and we are experimenting with a community of small themed micro-bars called the Golden Guy. It includes: an irish pub, an old crusty sailor bar, Moroccan tea lounge, a crow bar, a stark white ultra modernist bar and a pop-up bar, where anyone can rollup and host the bar. Golden Guy is based on a micro bar concept in Tokyo call the Golden Gai. Bring your cup and come on by and share a drink with us, I might be there pouring a few.


Big thanks to playa wedding officiant Lynn Browne (aka Ranger Beauty). It was divine intervention that made you magically appear at the temple to conduct a wedding when the one of the wedding couples primary officiant was a no-show. Thank you Burning Sky camp for allowing me smooth passage to fly over the playa. Dust City Diner – your cheese sandwiches and Irish coffee rock! Thank you Sorn for your great mix of Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. Thanks to Robot Heart & Mayan Warrior for the great mixes while I edit the photos. A couple of burner DJ’s who’s music I found and like is Oona Dahl & Claudius Raphael. Please show them all some love by taking a listen.


This year (2017), you can most likely find me during mid morning on some of the weekdays at center camp getting a cup of coffee and handing out postcards of Burning Man. If you see me and would like a postcard, don’t be shy, come say hi 🙂


Lastly, my sales pitch: I’m a photographer, cinematographer & drone pilot based in the SF bay Area and travel far and wide for my craft. The type of content I shoot: Documentaries, narrative film, commercials, corporate video, weddings, portraits, etc. If you have a specific need to have high quality content shot, feel free to get in touch.


See you all in the dust storm!